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2016 was a busy year with film screenings, a book launch, the premiere of a new show infront of sell out audiences, 2017 another busy one and 2018 is looking like its going to be the best yet.


During LGBT History Month in Feb 2017 the Dancing Bear (Original Cast Recording) was released. The album was supported by greenbelt. You can listen and download it here: www.jamiefletcherandcompany.bandcamp.com


My film Alphabet Club has been screened at Hyde Park Picture House as part of Out & About In Shorts and at Ilkley Plyhouse as part of Ilkley Literature Festival.


I've also been working on The Gender Roadshow with Emma Frankland / Not Yet A Robot.


I have also started working on a new dance theatre show with Louisa Jane


We are also in the midst of final development of Dancing Bear ahead of our 2018 tour.  

Jamie Fletcher & Company with Contact presents

Dancing Bear


“God is not male or female. God is not gay or straight. God is not a culture war”


Dancing Bear explores personal stories surrounding faith and sexuality, through dance, live music, drag performance and text.


Part-theatre, part-gig, with a heart full of furious compassion, candour and humour. Dancing Bear offers an unflinching provocation in addressing the often desperate balancing act many LGBTQ people continue to attempt between personal integrity, social & cultural acceptance and spiritual peace.


Conceived by director/musician Jamie Fletcher and writer/musician Beccy Owen, Dancing Bear features a multi-talented cast, and deftly swings between the bleak and the bawdy.  At its heart is a question that is relevant to people of all backgrounds and beliefs: ‘how and who should we love?’


Dancing Bear is a BSL interpreted show.


The Dancing Bear Original Cast Album was released on 4th Feb 2017 and the show will be touring from Feb 2018 onwards.


You can listen and download the shows music on bandcamp: www.jamiefletcherandcompany.bandcamp.com


For more information about the show please visit www.dancingbeartrilogy.com


Dancing Bear is co-produced by Contact.

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